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Grown Ass Woman

“Ever been to a wedding where the bridesmaid is so drunk she makes the kind of cringeworthy speech that makes your blood curdle? That’s Rachel Resnik, only there’s wit and gender equality commentary hidden below the clever veil of Champagne." -The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe 2019

What does society think it means to be a grown ass woman? Marriage? Babies...nah-maybe? Nah! Cheese balls? Grown Ass Woman is a sketch comedy show written and performed by Rachel Resnik, featuring a cast of crazy characters. It has toured internationally, and was most recently seen at The Adelaide Fringe Festival where The Advertiser reviewed it as "comedy gold and you'll never look at cheese balls the same again". Want to find out what's up with these cheese balls you've been hearing so much about? Come and watch this show! Rachel is a comedian currently based in Los Angeles, and her work has been seen all over the world. She was the proud recipient of The Julie Goell Scholarship for Eccentric Women from The Celebration Barn Theatre in 2018. Directed by Rui Dun.

“Rachel Resnik is a feisty, funny character sketch comedian, falling into the audience’s funny bones from the start, with skits starring strong willed (grown ass) if not always sensible adult-ing women who are not easily dismissed”-Chuck Moore Reviews, Adelaide Fringe 2019

"Does your show title really need to have the word ass in it?"-Rachel's Grandmother Patricia, New Jersey 2018

Earlier Event: September 30
Open Mic for Clowns