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Great Dames Presents: BYOB (Bring Your Own Best)

Improv is life-changing.

You can be whoever you want to be on stage, for those 10... 15 minutes.

Why not be your own best?

Great Dames Present BYOB - Bring Your Own Best! An improv show inspired by the audience's suggestions... with an uplifting twist!

Ken Hall
Connie Manfredi
Zohaib Khan
Hana Holubec
Michelle Jedrzejewski
Kevin Matviw
Gordon Neill
Julia Haist
David O'Shea
Natasha Safarian
Martha St
Josh Symonds
Sean Tabares
Megan Wallace
Brie Watson
Chili Davidson
Alison Haines

Hosted by and featuring a set by Great Dames, Sarah Ehsani and Melissa Giacomini at the Sweet Action Theatre Company, an accessible theatre space!


$10 General Public
$5 Arts Workers/Improvisers

All proceeds from tickets sales from this show will be donated to The Period Purse!!