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Don’t Go Up There

Isaac Kessler is in town! And Ken Hall is in town! And that means 2-MAN NO-SHOW is in town! Plus, Sweet Action Theatre Company is already over 1 year old (the company, not the theatre).


Rob Baker and Jan Caruana will also THROW IT DOWN (THE TBA HAS BEEN A'd)

And Orson Whales is also going to be performing

That's a darned fine show. All proceeds will be split between the performers, the space is being donated.

This Sunday, July 7th @ 8pm!
Sweet Action Theatre
Artscape Yougnplace, 180 Shaw St Unit 106

NOTE!!: This is a PWYC show, but you'll need a ticket to get in. Tickets available for free from the Eventbrite page (which this event will link to in a hot sec)