October 2018 Incubator!

October 2018 Incubator!


So you’ve tried a clown workshop or 2, or 3, or more. Where do you go from here? TRY AN INCUBATOR FOR A MONTH! It’s a group of people like you who want to do more and create!

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The short term goal of Sweet Action Theatre Company is to get everyone the training they want. The medium term goal of Sweet Action Theatre Company is to build a community of people with a drive to take all of that training and create something new, fun and amazing. That’s where the Incubators come in. There is a group of people like you who will meet every Sunday in October and try to polish up some old pieces or craft new ones collaboratively. It’s PRETTY AWESOME

NOTE! Unfortunately I had to book 2 different locations, so the first three Sundays will be at one location and the last Sunday will be at another. SORRY


Sunday October 7
Sunday October 14
Sunday October 21, all from 6pm-10pm at Citadel + Compagnie!
Citadel + Compagnie
304 Parliament St.
Toronto, ON M5A 3A4 Canada

Sunday October 28 from 6pm-10pm at The Commons Theatre!
The Commons Theatre
587a College St
Toronto, ON M6G 1B2